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Dust Cover Newsletter

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Got Dust? We can help!

Environmental Dust Control (EDC) is once again preparing for the dust control season. We are committed to providing the most effective, longest-lasting, environmentally safe product and service that deals with dust control and road stabilization in all applications, by promoting the use of agriculturally-based, renewable, biodegradable resources.


Our product, DUSTLOCK, is made from vegetable oil bi-products, is chloride free, will not leach into the ground water, and is non-corrosive to vehicles. It binds the road surface, effectively controlling the mud that sticks to your vehicle and tracks into the garage. DUSTLOCK does not get slippery or run off when it rains.


DUSTLOCK meets standards as a 100% Organic USDA Biopreferred Product in testing conducted by Iowa State University.


We had good success with treating shoulders of paved roads to prevent shoulder erosion/side rutting.


Over the past 17 years, EDC has developed a formula that eliminates a large amount of the stickiness that was experienced in the first ears of our business, and we add a light coating of washed sand immediately after application to act as a blotter coat. This also will extend the life and durability of the application.


With an application of DUSTLOCK, maintenance and labor costs are lowered because once the preparation of the road surface is complete, no further watering of blading is required to reactivate or provide longevity of the product.


We have expanded the equipment to provide a minimal amount of site preparation. We hope this will simplify coordinating schedules with your local grader driver.


I look forward to helping you with your dust control needs in the upcoming summer season.




EDC has made progress and the long-term effects of multiple applications. Durability continues to be dependent on traffic loads, road base materials and the road bed itself. The addition of a light coating of washed sand after treating the surface with DUSTLOCK has proved to be very helpful in reducing the sticky/tackiness stage of the curing process and also helping to bind the treated surface together. While sanding adds slightly to the cost, the additional benefits far outweigh the extra cost. We continue to work with the Agriculture Research Institute (AURI) to improve the DUSTLOCK formulation.


IT’S NOT JUST ROADS that we service

  • Parking Lots

  • Campgrounds

  • Golf Cart Paths

  • Private Driveways

  • Farmyards, etc.

  • Asphalt lots

  • Shoulder erosion/Side rutting


IT’S NOT JUST DUST that is curbed by DUSTLOCK! A pleasant side effect is reduction of MUD on treated areas. This cuts down on sand and gravel on garage floors because mud is not carried in on your cars, trucks, etc.

Another use that EDC has found for DUSTLOCK is as a slip agent in trucks hauling hot asphalt and also as a breaking agent for concrete forms.


We look forward to serving you in 2021 and will be happy to send you more information or come to talk to your group. We have a video, brochures, and website.


CURRENT PRICING POLICY 2021: Due to fluctuations in soybean and other oil grain prices, the cost of our materials changes, but we are doing our best to hold our costs down and give our customers a stable price for DUSTLOCK.


APPLICATION that EDC does with our equipment, within 100 miles of our base are included in our base price. Beyond 100 miles, freight per loaded mile and fuel surcharges will be added. Discounts will be considered on applied product beyond 2500 gallons at a 10% rate.




For individuals, units of government, applicators/dealers or businesses that prefer to do their own applications, we can supply DUSTLOCK. For more information and further details about product-only purchases, please call 507-920-8431. We ship in 55-gallon drums, 250-gallon totes, or semi-tankers. We can deliver up to 2,200-gallon tanker loads. EDC is happy to advise or supervise your initial application, so you get the best results possible.

Have a good year, and we look forward to serving you.

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